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Title: Frequently asked questions



1. Can i register my puppies if the parents (Sire and Dam) are registered with different clubs?

The answer is yes as long as the Dam is in your name.

2. How long does my application to register a litter or transfer ownership take?

We guarantee return of documents within 4-5 working days.
Online litter registrations are processed same day

3. Do you register crossbreeds/Labradoodles etc:

Yes we now register mixed breeds on our Companion dog register.

4. Does Dog Lovers Club have an Accredited Breeder scheme?

Dog Lovers now has its own Accredited Breeder scheme and it Is FREE to our members as we do not see the need to penalise Good breeders,we rely on feedback from our clients to police this scheme.

5. Can i transfer ownership online?

Yes online or by post.

6. What if i have lost my change of ownership/reg form?

Then the breeder/previous owner must request a duplicate on your behalf to pass on to you (provided you have not transferred ownership yourself) duplicate documents are £10.00 per dog.

7.Can i have my own Prefix/kennel name?

Yes please contact us for details

8.Can i put a photo on my stud dog ad?
Yes only after the transaction has been processed you may then login to your Dog Lovers Account and add a photo,also you may login at anytime to change a photo.

9. Do you record Health test results on your database and on Dog Lovers Pedigrees?
Yes,breeders can record test results on our database,such as eye tests,Hip scores,Elbow tests, BAER tests,DNA,Microchip numbers and many more.
We keep records on data and also on the Pedigrees where provided by the breeder.

10. Can my DL registered dog be Hip scored and eye tested etc:?
Yes no problem at all,your own vet can arrange this for you with the British Veterinary Association
you do not have to be a member of any particular scheme or club to have these tests.

11.My dog has paperwork from the Kennel club,Kennelreg or another registry,can I still register my dog with the Dog Lovers registration club uk ?

Yes, you can register your dog with Dog Lovers even If It already registered with another club.

12. Can I advertise my puppies on the Dog Lovers puppy sales register even If they are not DL registered?
Yes you can advertise all puppies (Pedigree or mixed breeds) on our puppy sales register and It does not matter which club they are registered with,advertising Is FREE.

*Only one litter is allowed per Dam/Bitch within any twelve month period and a Dam must be well over one year old and fully mature before she is mated/bred from (this can vary from breed to breed) also a Dam cannot be bred from after 8 years of age.

You can advertise your puppies FREE on our website
(all ads are automatically removed after 70 days unless we hear otherwise)

If you need to ask us anything email us or give us a call and if we are busy we will call you right back.


Remember if you register online its same day service (excluding weekends and bank Holidays.

If you are concerned about how you were sold your puppy, please contact Consumer Direct 08454 040506

Dog Lovers Registration club uk Ltd is a Member of APGAW and the FSB

Est 1990



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